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Recruit, Train, & Support Your Sales Professionals

Walt Ogburn can help define the most effective sales process for your company, and develop a training and coaching plan to ensure that all reps understand and can follow the process. Observation and feedback tools can be developed to the managers be more effective in developing effective sales teams.

Walt Ogburn has spent his entire life in agriculture and has been involved with agricultural sales for over 30 years. Walt has extensive experience recruiting, interviewing, and training sales people. Walt understands what businesses expect from their sales people and knows what customers expect and appreciate from the sales professionals they work with.

Walt has sold commodity products as well as highly technical products and understands the different approach needed to meet both the customer’s and company’s needs with a variety of different offerings. Walt can help a company tailor their sales approach to fit their products and their customers.

Need a framework for recruiting and hiring?

When it’s time to add a sales person many organizations simply advertise or pass the word around that they are looking for a sales person. Often the job responsibilities are not well defined and the skills and competencies needed for success are not clarified. Interviews are then focused on finding good “people skills” or past sales success. Because the criteria for success are not defined in advance and assessed during the interview ales people begin the role without the skills or experiences needed to ensure success.

It is common to promote successful sales representatives into roles of sales managers. This seems to make sense since the roles are both focused on sales. However when sales reps love the customer interactions and they don’t like managing people or have no experience managing, they may not be the right choice. Sales managers who would rather be selling than managing spend too much time “helping close the sale” rather than “developing effective sales people”.

Do you have a system for onboarding and Sales Training?

When a new sales person joins the company what do you do to prepare them for success? Do you just give them a price list and a customer or prospect list and say “go sell something”. If that’s the case, they don’t fully know the company and the processes in place, and they get frustrated because they feel like they are an “outsider” in the company. If there are experienced reps on the sales team you may be tempted to ask the experienced rep to train the new rep when in reality the experienced rep has no skills or interest in training, and may even feel threatened by the addition of the new rep.

Sales managers often have no defined sales process to help them develop the effectiveness of their sales team. When they observe sales calls they have no framework to assess and give feedback. If the manager has a technical background he or she may only coach around technical knowledge. Few managers have been trained on how to observe, assess, and coach their people to become more effective.

Ogburn Solutions Sales Excellence AgriculturePlans, Tools, and Processes for Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding, Training, and Managing Your Agribusiness Sales Force

Ogburn Solutions can help define the role, skills, and competencies needed for success in your sales force. Recruiting and training documents are reviewed and edited to assure they are aligned to the needs of the customer, the company, and the sales person. Your organization can benefit from a defined interview process that ensures candidates are screened consistently, and for the skills and experiences needed to be successful.

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