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People challenges don’t always fit into neat boxes. Walt Ogburn has years of experience helping customers identify the challenges worth tackling and developing solutions for those challenges. We partner with other consultants and organizations to assure our clients have access to the most qualified resources.

Leverage and Understand DairyComp 305 Reporting

Do You and Your Employees Need Help Understanding how to Monitor Your Herd’s Performance?

Dairy farm managers find their dairy management software to be valuable for keeping track of the cows and what needs to be done each day, but they may not take full advantage of the software’s ability to help them monitor their herd’s performance.

Dairy consultants and advisors can bring more value to their clients if they better understand what is happening on the dairy, but they lack confidence that they can find the information they are looking for within the record system.

“Graphs scare me – I don’t understand them.” Does that sound familiar? A graph with a whole bunch of lines and colors can be daunting. It doesn’t matter whether the data reflect your own herd, or if a client is showing you a report from their farm, it’s hard to know how to interpret the data. It would be nice to have someone help me understand them, or even have a reference manual to remind me what I’m looking at.

Ogburn Enterprises can help dairy employees or industry professional’s better use and understand the reports within DairyComp 305. The training is customized to the needs of the client. The focus can be one management area like milk quality or reproduction, or it can be a more comprehensive program that explores all areas of the dairy.

Training can be done at the farm computer, at an off-site location, or can be done remotely by phone and web access. The location and focus will determine the amount of time spent in each session and the number of sessions required.

Walt Ogburn has experience blending on-farm observations of the cows and facilities with data analysis. Walt understands that data doesn’t give us answers, but rather it allows us to ask questions and look more closely at the cows and facilities to determine what has happened in the past and what is likely to happen in the future.

Entrepreneurial Strengths

Agribusinesses are typically entrepreneurial in nature. If you are considering launching a new business Gallup has developed the Entrepreneurial Profile 10 to identify whether or not you have the skills and attributes to be successful in your venture. Walt Ogburn is a Gallup Entrepreneurial Profile 10 coach and can work with your management team to identify your strengths as an entrepreneur and how to develop additional entrepreneurial skills. If you have already launched your business and are finding it difficult to lead and manage your business. Walt can use the Gallup tools to help you identify ways to improve your effectiveness as a entrepreneur.

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