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Employee Engagement Agriculture Ogburn Solutions

Engage Your Employees

Walt Ogburn has spent the last 10 years helping organizations create cultures of engaged employees, leading workshops of 6 to 60 people, designing programs to sustain the focus on engagement, and coaching managers and leaders on how to build engaged teams.

Does this sound familiar? “It seems like our employees don’t really care about their jobs. Every year during annual review we discuss what they need to improve and the next year nothing has changed.”

Everyone has parts of their job they love and parts that really drain them. Would you like to find ways to get employees spending more of their time doing the things they love and less time doing what they hate – and still get everything done that needs attention?

Every organization has a culture. It develops whether or not you intentionally focus on your culture. A culture of engaged employees will lead to greater productivity and profitability, and reduced employee turnover.

Employee Engagement Workshops, Interactive Plans, and Independent Learning

Ogburn Solutions leverages publicly available tools and resources from companies like Gallup, The Marcus Buckingham Company, and Leadership Vision Consulting. In addition Ogburn Solutions consultants are trained to utilize assessments and training modules that are not available to the general public. Learning is supplemented by using books and articles authored by thought leaders in the area of focus.

Tools and resources are selected to fit the needs of your organization and your employees. A plan is then developed to introduce these tools to your employees in an interactive and enjoyable format. The need to allow people adequate time to “do their work” is taken into consideration when a plan is developed.

The solutions involve time invested in independent learning as well as active participation in workshops to put the learning into practice. These can be delivered at times and locations that fit your organization’s needs.

For businesses with remote employees, highly interactive web based learning can be employed to replace or supplement in-person classes or workshops.

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