Ogburn Solutions led by Walt Ogburn focuses solely on helping agribusiness leaders (Manufacturers, Veterinarians, Distributors, Dealers, and Farmers) achieve their personal and business goals by focusing their attention on business strategy, leadership and management skills, building a culture of engagement, and developing sales excellence.

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Ogburn Solutions has been under construction for over three decades.

Walt began his career as a sales rep calling on dealers, veterinarians and farmers.

During these early years Walt recognized that agribusinesses are truly businesses and the people who own and manage these businesses must be skilled at a variety tasks to be successful. Even though Walt’s responsibility was selling health and nutrition products Walt recognized that he could help his customers succeed by helping them develop their leadership and managerial skills, and helping individuals recognize and develop their personal potential.

Early in his sales career Walt worked with distributors selling farm and livestock supplies to dealers and veterinarians.

This gave him valuable experiences with diverse business models and Walt began to learn why some businesses (and their employees) succeeded and grew and others failed. These early experiences helped Walt realize that leadership, unified vision, and engaged employees led to successful businesses regardless of type of business they were engaged in. He also began to recognize what exceptional sales professionals did differently than average sales representatives.

In the 80’s the livestock industry in the Midwest was beginning the move from traditional crop and livestock family-run businesses to more specialized production units with the labor provided by non-family employees. Walt recognized his customers’ needs to enhance their leadership and people management skills and Walt began to work closely with his customers to not only improve the health and productivity of their animals, but also to improve their leadership and people management skills. This passion for helping his customers achieve their potential led to a successful sales career with many loyal and appreciative customers. In the process Walt also demonstrated his ability to manage a multi-million dollar sales responsibility while working with the owners of multi-million dollar businesses.

In the early 2000’s Walt transitioned to sales training and coaching in the Learning & Development team at Pfizer Animal Health.

In these roles Walt developed and honed his coaching, training, and facilitation skills and was able to help sales professionals learn, develop, and succeed in their roles. During this period Walt led an initiative within Pfizer Animal Health to incorporate individual strengths as a core component of their management culture. Walt led numerous workshops and individual coaching sessions with management, sales teams, and customer organizations. In addition, Walt was asked by customers to help them execute their leadership development and employee engagement plans.

In 2010 Walt again refocused his attention, this time as an Area Sales Manager and later as an Area Business Manager.

During this phase Walt developed the ability to define the skills needed for success in business-to-business sales and how to identify these skills in candidates. Walt successfully recruited, hired, trained and coached teams of individuals with unique backgrounds and experiences and turned them into strong teams of successful and engaged sales professionals.

After retiring from Pfizer Animal Health/Zoetis in 2013 Walt took the lessons he had learned during three decades in sales, sales training, and sales management and focused on opportunities to help agribusiness owners address the challenges they face managing and leading their employees. Ogburn Solutions is the delivery mechanism for this focus.

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